PLACES FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING PARTICIPANTS ARE FULLY NOW. Let you know us if you have still interest to come and we will contact you, when the situation changed.


As it is an every year´s tradition, we would like to offer ten places in Football Academy of Petr Cech also for the English speaking participants. Those have an English speaking guide and coaches. They participate also on programme which is held in Czech language as for example some chats or regenerations but of course with the assistance of the experienced English speaking guides.

TERM OF FOOTBALL ACADEMY FOR 2017: from 1st till 7th July 2017

Poznámka pro zájemce z ČR: Tato registrace je určena pro účastníky z ciziny, kteří plynně hovoří anglicky. Program pro tuto skupinu probíhá téměř výhradně v anglickém jazyce.